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We share the planet with more than 7.3 billion people. Most we will never meet and yet each one of our choices impacts on the lives of the others. How we treat each other determines the quality of our lives. Do we consider the impact of our actions and interactions or do we mindlessly sleepwalk through our days? Sadly, many do the latter.

What if we were to make every encounter with those who cross our paths both intentional and attentional? Not sure the second one is a real word, but I am using it here to indicate that we are paying attention consciously to other folks. It would certainly make the world a whole lot less lonely for those who feel as if they are out there on their own without a sense of belonging.

It occurred to me recently when I stopped to get gas, when I went to the pharmacy and the market to get fresh fruits and veggies that I want to connect mindfully and heartfully, even if it is ever so briefly with the person offering a service. I also decided that day to take my tootsies to the nail salon and have a pedicure. It has become far more than an indulgence or treat. It is a regular part of my health care routine. I love the massage and the decorative aspect of the fully nurturing experience. Looking down at my vibrantly red toenails makes me smile. This color embellishment is called Visions of Love. I chose it partly for the name. As I was sitting on the comfy cushy chair with my feet sighing in the swirling water, chatting with Teresa who was taking good care of me, I looked over at the woman next to me who was receiving pampering too. Her head was down throughout her session, connected not to the woman who was taking care of her, but rather, her phone as she was typing away. She missed out on a chance to get to know her nail tech. I enjoy getting to know folks who are doing their jobs and ask if they are enriched by their work and then learn about their passions and interests, their families and friends.

Imagine planting that seed of awareness. It’s so easy to breeze through a day on autopilot and act as if someone offering a service is utilitarian. We are all in service to each other.

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