Hard to imagine that this was the final session of ten that I signed up for with  Debra/Deva Troy who used the modality called Facial Reflex Therapy created by Lone Sorensen. This beautifully hybrid treatment incorporates techniques from around the world and has had me see and feel profound changes in the period of time from when I first lay on the table until now.

In the beginning, Deva worked on a treatment plan that would address hormonal shifts, immune system and adrenal challenges, as well as cardiac, digestion and respiratory issues. All of these were apparent in my daily life.

This time, I remained aware of the return of what I thought were long gone menopausal symptoms of ‘power surges’. They have been sweeping through like a flash fire, at all hours, but primarily in the evening. I had become more attentive to them, since it was one pre-heart attack sign; that drenching sweat out of nowhere. Fortunately, these pass.

A positive impact of this treatment was that my sleep has dramatically improved. I now sleep through the night most of the time and if I do wake up in pre-dawn hours, I can return to dreamland.

I have also noticed that the post vacation (I was in Jamaica from August 16-23) bliss has remained as I have eased into my days, rather than hustle bustle about as I had prior. I am certain that the residual effects of the work that Deva and I did together, made a difference in changing my mind.

I did return with respiratory symptoms with a bronchial cough and drippy sinuses, partly as a result, I think, of going back and forth between intense heat and humidity and air conditioning. I addressed them by refraining from dairy, drinking warm water, using a neti pot and when needed, lozenges. A residual tickly cough remained.

Once again, I fell asleep on the table and awoke feeling refreshed.

I also want to clarify that this was not something simply ‘done’ to me, but rather, done with me, since I needed to be mindful of what transpired between each session and take action on the messages that my body was sharing.

As I complete this series, I am abundantly aware of the shifts that have taken place that I will continue to monitor and act upon.

1- I am more leisurely in my life.

2- I am exerting less energy and still accomplishing what I intend.

3- I am more mindful of what I am doing, rather than sleepwalking through my life.

4- I am attending to my physical needs in ways I wasn’t before; resting when needed, rather than pushing on through to the other side.

5- My dreams (normally vivid) have been even more intense. I dialog with dream symbols to determine what they want me to know. Recently, they have been reflective of many of the issues that have arisen in our sessions.

I bow in deep gratitude to Deva for her healing hands, heart and mind, to her teacher Lynn Diehl for her guidance and to Lone Sorensen for creating the modality that has me facing life in a whole new way.



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