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As I am writing this, the hours until departure from my Jamaican vacay are ticking away. I am not woeful or wistful, wishing it could be longer. It was perfectly timed to begin and perfectly timed to end. 24 hours from now, my plane will be close to landing and this sojourn will be stored in my memory banks under the category of good medicine for the body, mind and spirit. I’ve showered away the day’s sand and sun, having splashed and floated about in the ocean much of the time. Listening to the sound of the ceiling fan whirring above me, and anticipating the chorus of frogs that will serenade me in less than an hour. The prelude are bird chirps.

Throughout the trip, I have felt as if I was being carried along on a sea of grace, not being the do-er of much. It is a spiritual practice that I have been hard pressed to grasp. I may be getting a taste of it now. Not much of a schedule to keep, drifting from one thing to the next, not needing to answer to anyone but myself. Connected with kindred spirits; enjoying the art of deep listening. When I sit in silence with someone, taking them in, not jumping in with a response that has anything to do with anything but them, I too am enriched. We all have our life experiences, unique unto ourselves and simultaneously in common with each other. Today, I discovered that all the more profoundly.

I had an amazing conversation with a 24 year old wise man who is a poet, dancer and drummer. He uses the written word to express what he is not always able to out loud, although he seemed pretty darn articulate to me. He said that he likes to write things into being. Then we began talking about relationships. He said “It’s one thing to say “I do.” It’s another thing to say “Let’s do it.” What he meant was the commitment it takes to create and sustain a partnership. I learned a lot at the fruit bar on the edge of the ocean. Green smoothie followed.

Packed my suitcase tonight and know that I will be carrying a few invisible and precious items that I need not claim at customs.

1- I really can spend an entire week not working and the world won’t stop spinning.

2- Relaxing and napping don’t equal being non-productive.

3- Being single doesn’t mean being alone; it means treating myself as I would a beloved other.

4- Being single in the midst of mostly couples doesn’t mean being the odd woman out.

5- Relationships look all kinds of ways. I observed contented, connected and conflicted couples.

6- I can kindly accept flirtatiousness from men on the beach without accepting their offers.

7-I am a really powerful manna-fester who calls into my life, amazing people and opportunities.

Appreciating at least A Thousand Beautiful Things


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