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Just returned from a one week Jamaican journey and  Debra/Deva Troy  had come back from her own vacation, so there was a two week space in our experience with the modality called Facial Reflex Therapy created by Lone Sorensen. It allowed for some healing to settle in. The theme this time seemed to be release and cleansing on the physical and emotional levels.

My intention in traveling to a Paradise I had not visited since my honeymoon 28 years ago was to relax and rejuvenate. My customary busy-buzzy lifestyle was due for a major makeover. I knew that some serious beach lounging, pool and ocean floating, healthy food eating, yoga class enjoying and meandering would be forthcoming. The opportunity was there for all of those things and I was not about to miss them.

In addition to a great deal of fun, I noticed a distinct shift in physiological function. Although I was able to work out in the open air gym, the beach and yoga room, with a fair amount of energy, I did notice that my lungs, which were getting accustomed to the intense heat and humidity, were rebelling. A bronchial cough developed that required attention. When I got back and lie on the treatment table, Deva detected residual reaction to the pulmonary condition. After the session, I experienced relief. At the moment, I am breathing freely.

My skin was also rebelling. Although I am not prone to acne, I do experience some post-menopausal breakouts. My cheeks were speckled with blemishes when I returned, as I could feel my body letting go of built up residue. Since our minds and bodies are one, it came as no surprise, since I am also noticing emotional flow. One observation I made recently was that even as I am in the therapeutic field and encourage clients to freely allow for acknowledgement of feelings, I tend to manage mine, rather than simply feel them.  I am amply aware that I often write my feelings away, so that they move through me rapidly. I have learned that what we don’t feel, we can’t easily heal. My body was expressing what I was not able to do verbally.

This time, I noticed that I remained awake, not falling into a snoring trance on the table. After the session, Deva reported that my immune system and lungs were calling out for attention. I consider the symbolic meanings of those aspects of physiology. Immunity protects the system from attack. There are times when I feel a need to hide behind whatever shielding forces are available in order to seem less vulnerable. I make it appear that all systems are secure and impenetrable, when there are times when I am a quivering mess behind it all.

Lungs relate to life force, but also unresolved grief. When I look back at my life, I can count many losses. My maternal grandmother died when I was four, and my paternal grandmother followed 10 years later. My husband died when I was 40, my home was destroyed in Hurricane Andrew in 1992;  six years before that. This was the same year I had an ectopic pregnancy and my husband was diagnosed with Hepatitis C which ultimately ended his life. In 2008, my father died and in 2010, my mother joined him. Each of these experiences was absorbed into my body as I have been able to keep them from overtly impacting on my life on a daily basis ….. until I consider that in a year’s time I experienced shingles, a heart attack and kidney stones. As I am facing my emotional traumas, I am letting go of the need for my body to act them out with dis-ease.

Looking forward to the final session later this week.

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