“One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you have always wanted. DO IT NOW!”- Paulo Coehlo

This meme greeted me this morning and sent a resounding YES! through my sleepy self. Even though I lay my head on the pillow a scant 6 or so hours ago and would love to have slept a solid 7-8, I felt called to awaken. The sun is streaming in the bedroom window, tunes on WXPN delight my ears and my brain and fingers were called to write.

I am running through my mind the things I need to do in preparation for a much anticipated vacation in Jamaica that begins on Sunday. Article deadlines, packing, pedi for my paint peeling toes, making sure I have taken care of biz here at home, a meeting and sadly, a memorial service.

That last one echoes with the sentiment in the quote that opened the blog entry. This was a young woman whose life ended in a motor vehicle accident and whose adorable six year old sun survived. See, we never know when we begin the day how we will end it. I learned that with the deaths of my husband and parents, with my own health challenges over the past year and a half and those of others in my circles. As a result, I have been doing things I would not have done a few years back. Naps, speaking my mind, setting boundaries, treating myself well, taking emotional risks that would have been intimidating previously.

I have been whittling down items on my bucket list; travel among them. In the past few months, I have been to New Orleans, Calistoga, Hilton Head and New York City. Following the heart attack a year ago, I feared leaving my adapted routine, since it felt like a cocoon I had wrapped around me. Now, I just pack and go. I have become quite portable.

When the invitation came via my friend Ambika Devi to join her as her guest at an all inclusive resort, I jumped at the chance. How blessed and loved I felt. The last time I was in Negril was for my honeymoon 28 years ago.  How things (and I) have changed. My intention is to rest and re-create by swimming, walking, dancing, reading, singing and taking yoga classes that my friend is teaching. I see some hammock lounging in my immediate future, napping in the tropical breezes and just BE-ing. What a joy that will bring. I will be taking time to get to know the woman in the mirror.

Looking forward to seeing who I will be when I return.

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