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I entered into the seventh week of treatment with Debra/Deva Troy  in the modality called Facial Reflex Therapy designed by Lone Sorensen . She has found that when applied, it has assisted with balancing the various biological systems and stimulate the body’s natural healing process.

In my case, I have indeed noticed shifts in my ability to sleep, which has been essential in enhancing my quality of life. For many years, I have had difficulty remaining asleep once I had drifted off. It could be a component of aging, combined with run amok creative thoughts. Some people stay awake and worry. I have been known to stay awake and write.  In the past week, my sleep has been sounder and I have awakened feeling more rested and refreshed.

Another thing I have noticed is that my hormones still feel as if they are doing a bit of an improv dance, with steps and turns that are totally unstructured as they moved to the beat of their own drummer. Sweats and power surges have been daily occurrences.

As someone with a cardiac condition, we are taking special care with cooling the inflammation in my heart/circulation and offering support for my pulmonary system. Childhood asthma had impacted on my lungs in a manner that had me receiving medication, including steroids around the ages of 4-6 and then in my tweens-teens, I strengthened them with swimming. These days, cardio a few days a week helps to keep them flexible.

One of my emotional issues is still feeling the compulsion to fix, heal and help people in need … savior behavior is how I refer to it. If I am not being of service, I feel as if I am not earning my keep. Sometimes it goes to an extreme and I need to find balance there as well. Deva and I discussed how that was related to the pancreas and she did some work in the area of my face that connects to that particular organ.

I also noticed a tingling in my arms and hands as if they too had fallen asleep. As much as I wanted to remain conscious during the process, so I could recall what transpired, I found myself nodding off which is an additional benefit. By the time the session was complete, I felt ready to take a walk around town to expand those lungs and pump that blood through my healing heart.

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