As I entered into the fourth week of my sessions of Facial Reflex Therapy created by Lone Sorensen  offered by Deva/ Debra Troy, I noticed a shift. Although I had been through menopause and thought I had gracefully emerged on the other side, I have been experiencing hot flashes that I refer to as ‘power surges,’ to put on a more positive spin on it. I have to admit that I can be rather flashy at times. (:  Deva explained that part of the reason that they have been making their presence known is that she had been working on regions of my face that relate to hormones. Oh joy!! The good news is that whatever arises is there for my wellbeing.

I also became aware this time of truly surrendering into the experience without feeling a need to talk a great deal as I had before. I can be quite the ‘Chatty Cathy’ (remember the doll from the 1960’s?) when I want to. I made a conscious decision to just let go; a big challenge for me at times. Although I don’t have recollection of out of body experiences, it felt as if I had indeed ‘left the building,’ temporarily. I had a distinct sense of jumping back in, with a jolt. Deva confirmed that I was in deep sleep mode, since I was snoring.

Lately, life has taken me on a roller coaster ride. It includes health issues in my family, the recent deaths of three friends, career shifts (in a positive direction), as well as my own healing journey. There are times when control and surrender battle themselves out for supremacy in my day to day existence. This modality gives me permission literally face those dynamics with far less struggle, since the work is going on behind the scenes even after I leave the office. The impact is residual.

When the session was complete, I was aware that I felt rested and refreshed. A bonus, since I have still found it difficult to sustain sleep throughout the night.

In honor of another ‘flashy lady,’- the therapist herself- I invite you to listen to her song called Raging Hormones.


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