With every good intention, I climb into bed, nestle beneath the covers and close my eyes. I am aware of the silence in the room that is palpable. I rarely set the alarm clock, unless I absolutely have to be up at a certain time, since my ‘head alarm clock’ generally awakens me, often even before the alarm can go off. Slow, easy breathing follows. Sometimes I drift into sleep, as if a feather wafting on a breeze. Other times it feels like a rushing, plunging and plummeting water slide that I am being cast down. That state can last a few hours and then dreams intercede, as well as barely there awake thoughts. They can take the form of checklists of things that need to be accomplished the next day and I see myself using a colorful pen to cross them off. The cool thing about this process, which seems to happen naturally, is that by the time I get to them, it is as if they are already accomplished and I need only catch up to them.

As I have mentioned many times before, The Muse speaks to me 24/7, with raw and real ideas that insist on being shared. She is merciless and wakens me with ‘you gotta write this,’ messages. I run the ideas through my head over and over and form sentences on my mental screen even before I can type them on the keyboard. It is like receiving daily assignments. I have heard songwriters share that often, songs come to them fully formed. Same thing here. Channeled material,  God’s Typist taking dictation, with words that come through me, not just from me. Today, the assignment is writing about fears that people face, about truth telling vs. pathological lying, and adapting to changing roles. I’m sure that other writing prompts will show up on my roster. A jumble of letters that ask me to put them in order, so that they can be understood by readers. Wishing I could do a Vulcan mind-meld or brain dump.

I have heard that this process happens to those who have well honed psychic abilities when Spirit comes through with guidance for themselves or other people that insists on being shared. There are times when I would like to turn the faucet off so that I can rest fully. And then there are moments when I am exceeding grateful that I can keep the plumbing flowing with refreshing ideas. Splish splash~

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