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I love cooperation and what is colloquially referred to these days as ‘Joint Ventures’. I was tapped to be part of an online event called Own Your Awesome with 12 other movers and shakers. We each had a 30 minute or so intro interview, during which we shared snippets of insights about what it might take to live an awesome (and awe-inspiring) life. That was followed by a live webinar that lasted 90 minutes in which we delved more deeply into our topics. Mine was focused on being an Opti-Mystic who sees the world through the eyes of possibility. Juicy stuff. The final piece was a panel discussion amongst the speakers, conducted by the creators of this once in a lifetime gathering of folks whose life and professional experiences place us in a position to offer information and insights into living a rich, full life. Jan Riley and Mariette Hallgren are the sparks behind this positively incendiary idea. My friends Ruth Anne Wood, Jon Satin, Chris Pattay, Luisa Rasiej and John Rasiej were part of  those I think of as ‘Team Awesome”.

You know how one word or one line uttered can be a life changer?  One of the team members, who I have not yet met,  is an empowerment coach named V. Lynn Hawkins. Her lovingly kick-butt style appealed to me and her enthusiasm bubbled over from the computer screen (ah the marvels of modern technology). Not sure what the lead up was, but during the panel discussion, she mentioned the oft heard explanation for on-going abuse, that “hurt people hurt people.”  What followed blew me out of the water. She said “Open hearts open hearts.”  Wowie Zowie!  Four word truth. I have long believed that people who peel off the layers of their protected covered- over hearts, are better able to embrace others. One of my favorite representations of this idea is The Most Beautiful Heart that I often use as a teaching tool.

In the wake of my own heart opening ‘cardiac event,’ I have become abundantly aware of the ways in which I have sheltered, shuttered and otherwise pseudo-secured mine from potential hurt even as I had myself convinced that the doors were open. I talked a good and convincing game, but my body knew otherwise. I have this belief (true or not) that it is the repository for the various and sundry thoughts we have and attitudes we hold, whether conscious or beneath the surface, about the world and our place in it. When you and I keep the heart light switched on (think E.T.), the walkway is illuminated, so that anyone we choose to invite to enter, knows that they are welcome. As open hearts open hearts, so too, do they open doors. Dare to enter and see what wonder awaits on the other side of the threshold.

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