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Tomorrow is my 56th birthday. Never in a million years, would I have imagined a life as mine is now…and yet, I obviously co-created it with the Divine. S/he and I have all kinds of conversations thinking up sometimes absurd scenarios that look like widowhood at 40, losing a home to Hurricane Andrew, raising a child solo, as well as having shingles, heart attack and kidney stones in the same 12 month period. To balance it out, we have also come up with a full time job working from home, doing what I love (writing), speaking opportunities, ministry, radio show, connecting with treasured kindred spirits.

I have decided to use this day to do a ritual that I offer in gratitude to my Co-creator Spirit and share 56 Blissings in my life in no particular order…just as they come to me. I invite you to do this for your birthday as well.

1. Love

2. Thriving as the result of the health crises

3. My son Adam

4. My little grand-dude Collin

5. The relationship between them that has contributed to Adam stepping into a surrogate parenting role and manhood in a full way

6. Being raised in a home with two loving, peaceful parents who taught with mutual respect and not fear

7. The model they set for a life long loving partnership

8. Books

9. The Muse who speaks to me 24/7

10. Making new friends every day

11. My spiritual communities of Circle of Miracles and Pebble Hill

12. Celebrating with family and friends yesterday at my “Living With A Heart-On Birthday Party”

13. A healthier and stronger, slimmer and trimmer, lighter and thinner body

14. Cardiac rehab and the amazing ‘cheerleader’ therapists who staff it

15. Animal companions

16. Music

17. Drumming

18. Dancing

19. Chocolate

20. Ancestors

21 Opportunities to play

22. Invitations to gatherings

23. Nature

24. Jeep that takes me where I want to go

25. Computer that keeps me connected to the world and into which I write the words that come through me

26. Friends who have been in my life for decades

27. Time in nature

28. Do-overs

29. Make-overs

30. Poetry

31. Miracles

32. WXPN (my favorite radio station)

33. Aha- moments

34. Cosmic coincidence

35. Naps

36. Bubbles

37. Travel

38. Having wash and wear short hair

39. Hugs, cuddles, snuggles

40. Massage

41. Meditation

42. Yoga

43. Letting go of what no longer serves

44. Fall foliage

43. Pumpkin just about anything

44. Writing for Beliefnet

45. S’mores

46. Partnership

47. Soul mates

48. Butterflies

49. Wind chimes

50. Nag champa incense

51. Prayer

52. Facebook that has introduced me and keeps me connected with people world wide

53. My Life Partner

54. The elements of nature

55. Intuitive abilities

56. Abundance

And one to grow on….God in all things and experiences

Happy Birthday to me as I celebrate the next steps and turns around the sun. I am Aging Well~

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