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Photo: Piglet noticed that even though he had a very small heart, it could hold a rather large amount of gratitude ~ Winnie the Pooh

As usually happens, my friend Jacob Nordby has wise words to share, whether they come from his own vivid imagination or from the pen of another beloved writer such as A.A. Milne. When I saw this on his Facebook page, my immediate thought was that perhaps feeling, acknowledging and expressing that for which we are grateful stretches our hearts. It’s kinda like The Grinch-phenomenon by which his heart “grew three sizes that day” when he realized that the spirit of Christmas had nothing to do with the kind of presents we get wrapped in pretty paper and ribbons, but rather the Presence of Love.

A few years ago, I received a delightful little treasure called The Gratitude Power Workbook, penned by Nina Lesowitz and Mary Beth Sammons. It is filled with stories about appreciation, with the contention that those who are grateful, live their days in happier and healthier ways. To that I say AMEN and A-WOMEN! Most people find it easier to express thanks when something they have wanted, desired, craved, wished for, arrives in their waiting hands or stands in front of them, waving in greeting. Far more challenging is saying thank you for perils and pitfalls and yet, they are equally valuable if they help us stretch and grow.

One exercise I do daily was affirmed when perusing this book that jumped off a shelf at me the other day when working with a client. I have said thanks in advance of an event or desired experience, such as “Thank you for a money miracle or car repair miracle, or job miracle or health miracle….” with my favorite definition of that phenomenon coming from A Course In Miracles as a “shift in perception” since as we change how we look at things, the things we look at change. They quote Texas businessman Anthony Migyanka who says “I use spoken gratitude in my daily life to produce much success and contentment. First of all, in my business, after I decide on a course of action,  I say ‘thank you’ for the results not yet obtained, for the future gratitude of today.”  Besides being productive, it’s a lot of fun. I do it in the car, the shower, sitting here at the computer, when walking, dancing, drumming, at the gym, out loud to the people in my life and most importantly to myself in my all too actively critical noggin.

Today I say thank you in advance for a wonderful session with a coaching client this morning to a powerful ‘playout’ at the gym, for healing sessions with two therapy clients later in the day, for the health of my body, for successful new job for my son that he just started, for a smoothly running car, computer… for deepening relationships, for inspired writing ideas, for financial abundance, for welcoming love in all forms, for being able to be of service, and  for spiritual connection.

Gracias, merci, danke schoen, hvala, wado, toda raba, mahalo and thank you ever so much from my stretchy heart to yours~ Thank You For This Day-Karen Drucker with dance by Truth In Motion


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