When you hear the word ‘angel’, what image comes to mind?  Likely that of a glowing, winged being, adrift on a cloud, playing a heavenly harp or singing in a celestial choir. Not quite ‘real’, nebulous, the stuff of fairy tales or hallucinations seen only in the minds of those who are struggling with mental illness.


A Reader’s Digest story reported the following: “Survey after survey shows public belief in angels is as strong
as ever in this country. A Harris Interactive poll in November 2005 found thatnearly 7 in 10 Americans believe. Gallup reported in 2004 that 78 percent believe, compared to 72 percent in 1994 and 54 percent in 1978”.

“It was in the early 1990s that angels truly seized the nation’s spiritual consciousness. Almost overnight, it seemed, these heavenly creatures were everywhere. There were angel festivals, angel craft conventions and angel books
by the hundreds. Hollywood got into the act with Touched by an Angel on TV and Angels in the Outfield at the multiplex”.

A TIME Magazine story in 2008

“More than half of all Americans believe they have been helped by a guardian angel in the course of their lives, according to a new poll by the Baylor University Institute for Studies of Religion. In a poll of 1700 respondents, 55% answered affirmatively to the statement, “I was protected from harm by a guardian angel.” The responses defied standard class and denominational assumptions about religious belief; the majority held up regardless of denomination, religion or education”.


Three angel ‘experts’, each knowledgeable, grounded women, have remarkably similar experiences and ways of expressing their own angelic encounters.


Cecily Channer is the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Connecting With Your Angels, which is far more than a compendium of angelic lore.  It serves as a primer on many of the subjects that might be considered on the fringes, but are really quite grounded and practical, setting the stage for tapping into angelic guidance.


Channer describes angels asmade of pure energy and are eternal spiritual beings sent directly from God. God made angels to serve as one of our greatest heavenly resources. As long as our desires are aligned with God’s will
and our individual soul purpose, the angels will work tirelessly to help us, guide us, and intervene on our behalf. The angels are in service to raise our consciousness, help us with our spiritual growth, keep us on track, and assist
us with every aspect of our daily life.”

With finely honed intuitive skills,  Channer is able to “connect to their energy and they work with me to heal, guide and
inspire others and myself. When I tune into someone else’s guardian angels to give that person guidance, communication happens in different ways. Sometimes the angels show me a quick vision or symbol in my mind’s eye, other times I hear words telepathically, or I just instantly know a bit of information to pass on to my student or client. Occasionally, angels will show themselves to me, but only if it is appropriate or necessary for a higher purpose.”

Her first exposure to angel communication was through her teacher Tina Michelle. “I was amazed by the information she gave me in a reading and decided to invite the angels into my life. Wonderful synchronicities started
showing up in my life. A couple months later I went to a workshop by Doreen Virtue, felt angelic energy around me, and within a month’s time I had a profound and life changing angel visitation. I then had confirmation that I was
to continue working with the angels and became a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner through Doreen Virtue in Summer 2002.”


Based in South Jersey, Kathy Milano offers Angel Healing Sessions, Angelic Harmony eCourse, and meditation CDs. Trained by Doreen Virtue, as well, she is an Angel Therapy Practitioner®

She expressed; “Across spiritual traditions, angels are described as messengers of the Divine, emanations of love, and helpers for humanity. In my communications with angels, they consistently remind us that they are composed of Divine love, light, and intelligence and are here to freely share these Divine gifts with us. They often call themselves “cells in the Body of Love” and invite us to remember that we, too, are made of that same Love. Angels are representatives of Divine Love who wish to empower us to remember our own worth, see the light within each person,
and live in joyful harmony.

She speaks of a seeming serendipitous encounter that led her to her current relationship with the angels, which  “began when I received a mailing from Hay House for their “I Can Do It” conference. I noticed books about angels by Doreen Virtue and intuitive living by Sonia Choquette. My curiosity led me to purchase these books, travel to attend the Hay House conference, and ultimately wind my way through many books, workshops, personal explorations, and time spent studying with Doreen Virtue, Sonia Choquette, and others. I never planned to become an Angel Therapy Practitioner®, share messages from the angels, or teach others how to open intuitively to connect with angels. As I remembered my natural intuitive gifts, my life and work shifted to honor my soul purpose of helping others to remember that they are made of Love and fully capable of communing with the Divine. By the way, I never again received a mailing from Hay House after this initial “invitation.”


Milano explains the interest in angels in this way; “People long for connection with the Divine, however that is defined
for them. We long for communion with something greater than ourselves, just as we long for meaningful connection with other people. The angels have a tremendous appeal as they can be understood from various spiritual belief
systems and also as nondenominational beings of light. The angels honor all sacred traditions and spiritual belief systems as all paths have the potential to lead to the remembrance of our personal connection to the One Divine Source.”


Candy Danzis  refers to herself as The Mainstream Mystic and is the creator of several CD packages, including “Angel Alignment™ Meditations”, “Cord Cutting and Release” and the “One Minute Meditation™” (OMM).

She says that angels are “not fairy godmothers with fairy wands that bop us on the head and grant our wishes; rather they are present to help us create that which we truly desire to create in this lifetime and to remember that we are one with God and all beings. Many students have asked me what’s in it for the Angels.  The Angelic Realm is also growing and expanding as we are in our human existence.  So truly we are helping them by allowing them to help us. It’s a win/win for all of us.

Danzis delineates between the various categories in the Angelic Realm.  “The first connection is our very own
Guardian Angel (s) The next group or realm of Angels is the Archangels.  These Angels work as over-lighting or manager angels. They each have a special area of service such as healing, protection, strength or forgiveness.  They assist our very own Guardian Angels and all of humanity. Angels are not inhibited by time
space constraints they can be with many people at one time so we never need to worry that we are taking them away from some more important purpose.  It is not necessary to know the Archangels names or areas of service. Simply ask for their help and the right Archangel will come to assist you.”



How to engage with angels

Cecily Channer


Angels cannot intrude on our free will, so we must ask them to assist us. You may be as formal or informal as you like when you request their help. These heavenly helpers will answer to a prayer, a thought, or a verbal cry for help in an instant.


*Partner with Your Angels

The angels are willing to assist us, but they are not here to do all the work. Although these heavenly helpers delight in making us happy, if we expect them to be like Santa Claus or a genie in a bottle granting us all our wishes, we will be sorely disappointed.

It is not enough just to ask for things; we have to partner with the angels and do our part. The angels can put us on the path to success, but ultimately it is up to us to take the first step.



Trust that the angels are working on your behalf. In cultivating trust, we remember that God and the angels love us unconditionally and always want the best for us. No sincere request or prayer goes unanswered. There is always a grander plan than we can imagine or conceive of.



Surrendering is an essential part of the process. After we do what we can on our end, the angels want us to release our problems and wishes to them. It is then that we can take comfort in the fact that we do not need to know everything and that we have done all we can. The quicker we let go, the quicker we see results.


*Allow and Receive

It is a well-known fact that when we get in “the zone” we can do great things. The zone is really a position of allowing and receiving. An important ingredient in getting what we want is allowing ourselves to take in all the goodness the universe has to offer.

An angel’s job is to give us what we need, but we must believe it is our inherent right to accept all the wonderful things that they bring to us. Allowing calls for us to acknowledge that we are deserving and worthy of receiving our desires.


*Thank Your Angels

Remember to thank your angels when you receive their assistance. Only when we are grateful for each blessing we receive will we be in the flow to receive other blessings.


Candy Danzis:


The simple answer here is ASK! The asking can come from a prayer to God or asking the Angels directly, either way works. We are always honoring God by asking these beings for help as they were created to assist us. Not asking the Angels for help is like having a personal assistant but never giving them any work to do and trying to do the job all by yourself. We all have freewill, so the Angels do need our permission to assist us. Say it, think it, pray it, write it or sing it; any method works.

The next step after asking is to pay attention. The Angels will use any way possible to connect with us, so look for the signs. The Angels often use our “connection” gifts of seeing, hearing feeling or knowing to deliver messages to us.  Sometimes the signs or help come from books, media, a friend or a person that says just the right thing at the right time. The last step is to act on the signs or information the Angels give you.  If you miss the sign or feel confused, simply ask again and the Angels will do their best to make the response clearer for you. So the steps to engage the Angels are:

Ask, Listen and Watch for signs; then take guided action.


Kathy Milano:

Invite the angels into your life:

Create the space for a sacred relationship simply by opening your heart, centering in the love of the Divine, and inviting these Divine messengers to enter our lives. Do it your way whether that involves a simple prayer, a letter, or an elaborate ceremony.


Ask for what you desire:

Move into stillness as your Higher Self always helps you clarify what you desire for yourself, others, and the world. Express your request in whatever way feels most natural to you.


Trust, Allow, and Pay Attention:

The angels are expert communicators, so trust that they can respond. Simply move through your day in a state of relaxed attention and notice internal and external signs.


Take Inspired Action:

Once you discern the loving, empowering guidance of the angelic realm, act on it!

Express Gratitude:

Amplify this process with delightful anticipation, grateful receipt of assistance, and joyful application. Playfully
practice these steps and cultivate your own angelic partnerships.


Candy Danzis  www.CandyDanzis.com


Kathy Milano  www.kathymilano.com

One of my favorite angel songs comes from my friend Lew Doty called 10,000 Angels http://youtu.be/utofJxaTR1A

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