Yesterday I was asked to speak on Gratitude.  And rather than spending time extolling the virtues of gratitude, I thought I would demonstrate it.  So I had someone time me for five minutes.  During those five minutes, I mentioned everything I could think of I was grateful for.  Someone was keeping count – in five minutes, I came up with 95 things.  (Afterwards, of course I thought of many more I’d forgotten.)

So, in honor of Gratitude Month and the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, I will perform that same exercise here.  And instead of naming things out loud, I will type them here.  As soon as the clock flips to the next number I will begin.

I am thankful for:

  1. this laptop
  2. my  brain
  3. a functioning body
  4. day and night
  5. my family
  6. my parents specifically
  7. my siblings
  8. my nieces and nephews
  9. my grandparents
  10. my ancestors
  11. my stepson
  12. his girlfriend
  13. my sisters and brothers-in-law
  14. my health
  15. that I am cancer-free
  16. that I am a woman
  17. my wonderful friends
  18. my education
  19. the opportunities I’ve had as a middle-class woman in this country
  20. my teachers
  21. art
  22. music
  23. animals – wild animals
  24. our pets
  25. the animals that give themselves to be our food
  26. plants of all kinds
  27. trees
  28. medicinal herbs
  29. flowers
  30. fruits and vegetables
  31. nuts and seeds
  32. the gift of touch
  33. the gift of sight
  34. the gift of hearing
  35. the gift of smell
  36. other senses
  37. sleep
  38. a good bed
  39. a warm home in the winter
  40. cooling devices for summer
  41. the cycle of seasons
  42. freedom
  43. language
  44. children
  45. elders
  46. babies
  47. kindness
  48. mercy
  49. good people
  50. people from whom we learn lessons
  51. color
  52. beauty
  53. mountains
  54. oceans
  55. rivers and streams
  56. wells and springs
  57. clean potable water at the turn of a faucet
  58. indoor plumbing
  59. bathtubs and showers
  60. kitchen facilities
  61. electricity
  62. cars
  63. clothes

Okay.  Time ran out.  Too bad I can’t type faster!

I’m going to give myself another test.  Let me see if I can think of 63 more things – no time limit this time (but I will keep track anyway.)

  1. The ability to move and run and dance
  2. Good spiritual leaders of all faiths
  3. Good people in government
  4. Firefighters
  5. EMTs
  6. Good hospitals
  7. Nurses
  8. Good doctors
  9. Feeling loved
  10. The ability to love
  11. the relationships I’ve had in my life
  12. the opportunities I’ve had to travel
  13. Books
  14.  laughter
  15. Teachers I’ve had in non-academic settings
  16. Challenging situations I’ve learned from
  17. Girlfriends
  18. Fairy tales
  19. Angels and allies in non-physical dimensions
  20. Miracles
  21. Magic
  22. The Sun
  23. the Moon
  24. the Stars
  25. Rainbows
  26. Dew
  27. Rainfall
  28. Snow
  29. Fresh air
  30. Refreshing wind
  31. this beautiful planet Earth
  32. the element of fire
  33. Dreams
  34. Lovemaking
  35. Those who kindly help us take care of our elders
  36. Those who work to find cures for diseases
  37. Teachers who help our children to learn
  38. Rainforests
  39. Prairies
  40. The sky
  41. Whales and dolphins specifically
  42. the cycle of seasons
  43. those who have kindly helped me financially when I’ve needed help
  44. those who have been an emotional support
  45. counselors and therapists
  46. good roads
  47. airplanes
  48. those who fight against injustice
  49. those who work for peace
  50. those who care about the environment
  51. those who work to make the world a safer, cleaner, healthier place
  52. those who offer alternative methods of healing
  53. the ability to sing
  54. songwriters
  55. storytellers
  56. artists
  57. those who keep traditional rituals alive
  58. work/jobs
  59. the ability to feel
  60. my heart
  61. Light
  62. hope and faith
  63. my Life

Someone posted a question on Facebook the other day that I thought was extremely valuable:  What if we only had tomorrow that which we are thankful for today?  Doesn’t that make you think? 


Give yourself some gratitude goals.  Some people advocate a gratitude journal in which they list five things every day for which they are grateful.  That was always way too easy for me.  So I challenge you to the Five Minutes of Gratitude game.  How many things can you name in five minutes?  You get bonus points if you think of things that I missed!

Let’s practice being grateful for EVERYTHING!  I’m not a big fan of Paul (in the Bible) however I do love this one piece of advice he gave: “Be thankful in all circumstances.”

Exercising gratitude is one of the nicest things you can do for yourself.  It’s one of the most important of spiritual practices.

May you be richly blessed.

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