This morning I was feeling sub-par on several levels.  I pulled an angel card (as I often do when I need a clear message from beyond this physical world) and received the message: “Ask.”  In other words, I should ask for what I need.  They can’t help me if I don’t ask first.

I checked in with my body and realized I needed a massage.  Badly.  I hadn’t had a professional massage in well over a year.  I think it was actually a year and a half.  Maybe more.  And in that time I had moved twice – including one 2000 mile move across the country – and had lived in five different homes.  Plus, in addition to everyday emotional stressers, I had amped up my physical activity.  I was walking up and down hills, weeding and doing landscaping work, waitressing, whatever I could find to pay my bills.

And, thankfully, my bills were getting paid.  Money for gas and food, however, was sometimes a bit harder to come by.  So money for a massage had always felt like a luxury and I kind of wrote it off as something I just couldn’t afford.

Until today.  Today I realized how important it was for my health to receive the blessing of a massage.  So per my angel card, I asked.  I said to my angels and guides, “I need a massage.  I really do.  Please send me an extra hundred dollars so I can get a massage and some contact lenses.”  (I hate to tell you how long I’ve been wearing these disposable lenses.)

Then I went about my business.  I did dishes, I took a shower, I made some phone calls – including one to my landlady about the bathtub drain that wasn’t working.  Even though she’d sent some plumbers to fix both the drain and the pipes that were leaking bath water down to the first floor, it still was not working.  Well five minutes after that call, I received a text.  She was reducing my rent for the month by $100 due to the inconvenience.

I suddenly realized my request had been answered!!!!  Not one hour had gone by and I had an extra $100.  Exactly.  I said “Thank you.”  With a big smile on my face, “Thank you!!!!”

What a glorious reminder.  Ask.  Trust.  Receive.  Give thanks.

(And yes, I did call to make an appointment.)

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