This morning my heart is with the people who are displaced and in fear and grief from the ravages of the floods in the Southwest.  I’m also thinking of the people grieving the pain of all the losses of yet another senseless shooting.  And I’m thinking of the friends who are struggling with cancer and chronic pain and depression.  There are a lot of people in need of help right now.  And so I share this dream with the prayer that it be a message for you all.

Years ago I was wallowing in the grief and shame of a marriage that was ending.  And in the midst of this sorrow, I had a dream:

I am in a huge church.  There is a circular trap door in the floor with an attached rope coiled next to it.  Someone is urging me to pull on that rope.  I do.  Suddenly there is an explosion of demonic forces and furies flying into the world.  This one careless act has resulted in a Pandora’s box situation of epic proportions.  I am stunned at the magnitude of this horror that I have let loose. In my panic, I try with all my might and power to will those evil forces back to where they came from.  I muster every ounce of energy into sending them back.  But all of my will, all of my power, all of my intention is completely useless.  I am unable to do what must be done.  I cannot make things right of my own volition.


I suddenly realize that I can call upon some Help from a source greater than myself.  And in a moment of lucidity, I realize that I am living alone in an apartment out in the country and if I should call out for help here, in my waking world, it would also be quite okay.  So I call out for help – from God, from Jesus, from the Forces of Good.  Whether I call out in my dream or in my waking life, I am not sure, but I call out and immediately, peace is restored.  All is well.


When things, at last, appear beyond your control; when you’ve done everything you know how to do and still things are not right, then remember that you can always ask for help.  It is a spiritual law that we have free will, so unless we actually ask for help, spiritual beings are generally not supposed to intercede.  But when we do call for help, rest assured, help is on its way.

We are human beings, and although we are indeed capable of much, some things may seem too huge, too massively difficult.  When this happens, please know that divine help is available.  Miracles happen when we open our hearts and we ask for help.

I am sending love to all of those who are struggling right now.  May angels intercede.  May peace reign.

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