Twice in the last week, I rediscovered the miracle of choosing different words.


(Note:  I so want to share with you the good news of how we can manifest little miracles in our lives.  And in order to do this, I have to confess some embarrassing stuff.  But the only way to share the “gold” with you is to also confess the dross.  So here goes.)

I have been living on the edge financially.  This is not a new situation I’m in (as any of my good friends and family members will attest.)  I have a great life, and often I’m a bit short on money.  Apparently I need to create this situation over and over again in my life until I learn my lessons and “do things right.”

Generally I can cope with financial limitations pretty well – that is, until my rent is due, or my cell phone is about to be cut off, or I’m running out of food.  Then I begin to sink into my fear and I find myself thinking “I am so broke.”  Take it from me: these are “bad words” to use.

I was in this position last week.  Rent was due on Monday and my roommate was counting on me having half of the rent.  I didn’t want to let her down, but things were not flowing.  For instance, I couldn’t seem to locate an affordable, available, appropriate location for my cooking class.  In addition, two people who I knew wanted healing sessions with me were not available.  I was feeling nervous.  Worry about not having rent money was hovering in my thoughts all week long.  Then finally, once again, I remembered to remind myself of what I already knew: Our thoughts and words create our reality. 


So I chose different words.  The words I chose were “Money is coming to me.  Money is coming to me.  Money is coming to me.”  I said them within my head.  Three times I said the words.  Then periodically when I would think of it, I would say them again. Within two days, four sessions were scheduled!  It was a miracle.  Then two more opportunities for making money fell into my lap.  Absolutely amazing.

This has happened many times before, and still I forget.  Eventually, I will get it.  Eventually I will make this a way of life.  Eventually there will be no obstacles in my life because I will stop doubting the power of my ability to co-create my reality.  This is something we all can do.  Miracles happen when we claim what we want in a positive way and when we simultaneously cease to focus on that which we fear. 

(i.e., Focus on the money, not on the lack thereof.)


Then it happened again.  I had been very busy this past week – seeing friends in my home town, earning money, spending time with my older parents and family members.  In the midst of all this busyness, some other details were falling through the cracks.  For instance, I was going to be flying back to Colorado and I hadn’t yet figured out exactly how to get from the airport in Denver to my home four hours away.

It’s difficult to ask even the best of friends to make an eight-hour drive for you.  (Not to mention it’s not so great for the environment.)  I was more than happy to take a bus back home.  The problem was I bought the cheapest airfare there was, and that brought me into Denver at 8:00 pm, however the bus departure was at 2:00 in the afternoon.  So in order to catch that bus, I would have to find an inexpensive (preferably free) place to stay for one night.  I had put out a few feelers, but nothing was forthcoming.  I put out a few more feelers and still, a solution was not readily apparent.  I was getting stressed.  It was the day before my flight and I still didn’t know how I was getting home.

I was feeling stress on multiple levels before I finally remembered the power I have to create a different scenario.  I was in the car with three friends at the time and I said out loud something along these lines:  “Everything is beginning to flow. Everything is falling into place.  There is nothing to worry about.  All is well.”  I felt better immediately.  I felt the stress lifting.  Then (I kid you not) within minutes, a girlfriend called and reported that she had a girlfriend who was not only willing to let me to stay in her home, but was willing to pick me up if I could just give her a little bit of gas money.  In addition, a friend offered to pay for a hotel if nothing else came through.

Just amazing.  Then, in addition to that miracle, three different friends gave me money out of the goodness of their heart.  And I hadn’t even asked!  (Because after paying the rent, I had less than ten dollars left.)  That extra money was icing on the cake.  Three problems were resolved in a fairly short amount of time.  Things just totally fell into place.   

Such is the power of our words and thoughts.


I hope this inspires you.  I encourage you to try this out and then I’d love to hear about your results.  We can each create a bountiful and blessed life for ourselves.

Godspeed, friends!

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