This morning I was feeling a bit half-mast.  I had had a crick in my neck for about 16 consecutive hours, and though it had improved from acute pain to a dull ache, I noticed it was still coloring my mood.  (I now have greater appreciation for all the people who live with chronic pain!)

Yesterday I had made an appointment to meet a lovely woman at the entrance to a spiritual community in my neighborhood. I was on my way to meet her and I realized I was in a funk not only due to my physical discomfort, but about a few other things as well. I decided it was time to shift my energy.  So out loud, I began some positive self-talk.  I affirmed what I wanted in my life and why I wanted it.  Then I shifted into gratitude mode.  Out loud I started listing the things I was grateful for.  I noticed almost immediately how much better I was feeling.  It was absolutely amazing how quickly it worked.  By the time I saw my new friend waiting for me at the side of the road five minutes later, I was in full joy mode.

Then, to further emphasize the point, synchronicity came to play, because after the morning chanting at Shumei Institute, I picked up some brochures which explained their philosophy.  I was delighted to find the following quotation of Meishusama: “Gratitude breeds gratitude, discontent spawns discontent.”  So true!

In another brochure I found the following, explaining the power of chanting:  “Every word has spiritual power inherent in its sound….”  Many traditions speak about the power of the spoken word.  In the Bible, God’s words created the heavens and the earth.  And words spoken by mere humans can be infinitely powerful as well.  Words spoken with focus and intention can be a blessing, a spell, a curse, a prayer, an invocation, an affirmation.  It behooves us to set aside times in which our words are not simply idle conversation, but words of power.

My friend, Svetlana Gradess, posted on Facebook the other day these wise and inspiring words:  “My day keeps getting better and better.  Keep saying that and watch as a magical day unfolds.”  What a great suggestion!

So the next time you’re feeling disgruntled or tired or uncomfortable, try changing your thoughts and your words.  What are you grateful for?  What do you call into your life?  What blessing do you want to give to yourself?  It is so important that we keep ourselves elevated as much as possible, because from that place we send out ripples of positivity into the world.  And surely this world needs our positive words and thoughts.  It needs us functioning as grateful spiritual beings.  It needs our full-on joy. 

Blessings do indeed abound.  Don’t forget to notice them!

Peace be with you.

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