Blessings Abound

I awoke to write down a dream and the morning beckoned me.  Birdsong wafted through the open window and through the sheer gauze curtains, pale gentle colors painted the skies.  I realized a walk through this sweet May morning trumped another half-hour or so in bed.

My first reward was a couple of small quails skittering across the desert floor.  Blue mountains were silhouetted along the horizon.  The air was sweet and clean.  I passed a family of four young bunnies and continued my walk down the gravelly road.  I loved the adobe homes which blended so beautifully into their environment.  I loved the abundance of birds I heard and saw.  I loved the cacti backlit by the rising sun and the leaves of a few deciduous trees quaking in the morning breeze.

I encountered another couple of quail skittering across a cul-de-sac.  Funny little creatures quail are.  Clouds continued to wisp across the sky.  The sun shone, but not too brightly, masked as it was by the gentle clouds.  I circled back and discovered that the family of bunnies numbered six, not four.  My heart was full.

I reflected on the past ten days.  They had begun with the unsettling incident of a freaked out man pounding on my door, panicked that someone was chasing him.  Then there was the subsequent stay at the home of three different friends, packing and cleaning to move from that house (already anticipated before the crazy man who simply escalated my departure,) one four-hour drive back and forth to Denver to pick up a friend, then a few days later a six-hour drive to pick up another friend at a different airport who would be visiting me during a four-day stint in a neighboring state where I’ve been training for a job I’d once held but which now included learning a new computer system.  Suffice it to say, it’s been a rather busy and somewhat intense ten days. 

I was more than grateful for this sweet May morning in the beautiful New Mexico desert.  The walk provided exactly the grace I needed to get me through another day.  Thank you for blessings large and small.

May you also find grace and blessings this day.

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