A couple years ago I had a powerful dream.


I saw huge waves coming toward the shore.  And in those waves I saw huge dolphins.  The waves looked a bit intimidating, but when I saw the dolphins, I felt pure joy.


These huge waves proceeded to inundate me and everything else.  I was underwater, holding my breath and trying to make it to the surface.  And while I was swimming, I realized someone was holding my hand.  That someone had an extremely firm hold of me.  That someone was not about to let me get washed away.  That someone was there for me and was not going to go away.


After perhaps fifteen minutes or so, we emerged.  We were up on a walkway and we were safe.  Once again, I saw dolphins.  And I saw whales.



Here are some of the questions that come to mind as I reread this dream:

  • Are you feeling threatened or intimidated?  Do you feel overwhelmed, submerged, or deluged? 
  • Are you worried about changes in your life?  Are you worried about planetary changes or catastrophes?
  • Is there someone there for you?  Is there Someone there for you?  Who has a hold of your hand? 
  • Can you ask for help?  On whom can you call when you feel helpless or afraid or in need of assistance?  On Whom can you call?
  • Do you have any allies?  Are there any friends – human or otherwise – who bring you joy and comfort?

We all need assistance or comfort at times.  It is part of the human condition.  When times are hard, it helps to have someone by our side.

This is a gentle reminder that God is on-call 24/7.   The Holy One/The Infinite Divine Presence/Love/the Creator/Mother-Father God is available to us whenever we call out for help.  Angels or allies will flock to our side when we call out for help.  You don’t need to swim through the waters alone.  Let the ultimate Someone hold your hand.  Have faith; you will come to the surface.  All is well.

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