To weigh or not to weigh — that is the question we are looking at today.  Ask a dozen different health gurus and you will get a dozen different answers.

Some say “Be SURE to weigh every single day. The constant feedback will keep you on track and help you to be mindful about your eating.”

On the other end of the spectrum you have the folks who say to throw away your scales.  They contend that the scale is not the best measure of your progress, anyway, and it can make you crazy.

And there are all the variations in-between.  Like weigh only once a week.  Weigh only once a month, etc.

So which is best?  Whatever works for YOU.  Every one of us is different.  God didn’t make us with a cookie-cutter.  I’m personally a feedback junkie.  I like to know results as soon as they happen.  Weighing every day makes me content and keeps me on track.   And the time I gave away my scales I gained ten pounds.

But I will agree that it isn’t the best measure. The tape measure is better and the way you feel is best of all.

If the scale has become a god to you, either making you feel blessed or punished depending on the number — get rid of it!  If you find yourself oppressed and confused by the small ups and downs, don’t weigh yourself so often.

Do what works for you, no matter what expert tells you differently!

Eating to live and living for Christ,

Susan Jordan Brown

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