The promises of God in him are yea…. (II Cor. 1:20)

I squatted down and looked the annoying, whining child in the eye.

“If you are going to stay with me, we need to get something straight,” I told him calmly.  “I am a ‘yes person.’  I always say ‘yes’ if I can.  If you want or need something, ask me. If it is possible, I will say ‘yes.’  I will only say ‘no’ if there is a good reason.”

I went on to explain that, if he thought my decision was a mistake or that I didn’t have all the facts, he could have one appeal and explain his case. After that he had to drop it or face some preset consequences.  That child, who was known for his persistent whining and nagging, cheerfully accepted my terms.  He tested me a bit and I followed through with my promise. I said “yes” if I could and serenely dished out the consequences when he nagged me.  After that we were fine and the summer he spent with me was enjoyable for both of us.

Why did he cooperate with me when other sitters were ready to despair?  Because he didn’t feel he had to fight for his rights. He trusted that I would only say “no” for a good reason.

How much more peace we would have if we trusted God to be a “yes” God!  Don’t we often act as if our Father in Heaven was like an earthly parent who will always say “no” until he is nagged and whined into compliance with our wishes?

He is a “yes” God.  Over and over we see it in scripture.  He provided the needs of the Israelites in the wilderness. He gave Hannah a child.  He gave Israel victory over her enemies. I can’t think of a single time He refused a reasonable request.

And that’s certainly true in my life. He hasn’t just given me everything I need. He has given me everything I want.  It makes no sense to pray despairingly.  There’s no need to look through books about prayer trying to find some key to make God answer our requests.

He is a “yes” God and His promises are yea.  Today let’s cling to that truth and pray less fretfully and with more gratitude.

Is this promise for you?  It is if you are God’s child.  If you aren’t sure how you stand in your relationship with God, check out this page:

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Eating to live and living for Christ,
Susan Jordan Brown


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