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Does it matter what you feed your brain?  Yes!

Studies show that sugar will slow your brain down and hinder its functions.  In other words, sugar can make you stupid.  Scary, huh?

So, if you eat a low glycemic diet and don’t make your pancreas keep pumping out the whopping loads of insulin, your brain will be sharper and function better.  That’s important for those of us who want our brains to keep going as long as our bodies do.  It’s also important for younger folks.  Are your kids or grandkids struggling in school?  Maybe you need to get rid of the sugary cereal and toaster pastries and fix them some eggs and fruit for breakfast.

The “healthy whole grain” labels on sugary cereals particularly annoy me!  Grains cause a big insulin response — especially if they are covered with sugar.  We would do better avoiding both of these, which certainly aren’t healthy, for our bodies or our brains.

We’ll look in upcoming posts at what foods will make our brains sharper.

Eating to live and living for Christ,

Susan Jordan Brown


Wondering where I find this info?  Here is one link to a clinical study — and there are many more:,%20REFINED%20SUGAR%20DIET%20REDUCES%20HIPPOCAMPAL.pdf

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