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We’ve been talking about the importance of eating those raw veggies to prevent age-related eye diseases like glaucoma.  One way we do this at our house is to have a vegetable tray ready-made and ready for snacking. The veggie tray […]

Glaucoma — that curse of age — can steal your sight, one of your most precious senses.  The good news it that there are nutrients that can help you avoid that dreaded disease. I found the basic three eye vitamins […]

We take our five senses for granted — until age begins to steal them away.  One sense we particularly want to guard is our eyesight.  I know this, because I was recently diagnosed with glaucoma, one of the eye diseases […]

Happy Giving Tuesday!  We had Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Those days were about shopping for bargains and buying more stuff.  Today the focus isn’t on getting, but on giving. We talk a lot on this blog about living a […]

Some people dream about success… while others wake up and work hard at it. — anonymous I’ve read lots about visualizing success.  Picture yourself as svelte and slim, the articles say, and you will become what you imagine.  There is […]

Thanksgiving is over and the Christmas season is officially in full swing.  Start making up for the Thanksgiving feasting by walking and working in as many steps as possible. (Tell your spouse that Black Friday shopping is part of your […]

Happy Thanksgiving to my faithful readers!  I am personally thankful for each of you. Enjoy your friends and family today.  And plan ahead for the temptations that lie ahead.  Maybe you have given yourself permission to take the day off […]

It’s almost on us — the most treacherous time of the year for those of us working to live a healthy lifestyle.  It’s THE HOLIDAYS!  What makes you blow your plan?  Stress?  Temptation?  Busyness?  The next six weeks are permeated […]

I scowled as I  listened to the “Learn the Thai Language” cd that I found on eBay.  This is one tough language!  You not only have to learn difficult words with tongue-twisting sounds — but the pitch at which you […]

The smell of baking goodies fills the air as you bake holiday goodies for for parties and for gifts for your friends and loved ones.  But — what are YOU going to eat?  You are committed to a low glycemic […]