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“What did you say?”  “How’s that?”

Paul and I are beginning to sound like a couple of geezers.  I say he is losing his hearing.  He says I mumble.  Sometimes we reverse the order and I say HE mumbles and he says I am going deaf.  And then we blame it on bad acoustics in our house.

But it makes me wonder — do we have to lose our hearing as we get older?  Are we doomed to misunderstanding each other and missing out on what the grandkids are trying to tell us?

A bit of research turned up some encouraging news.  Age-related hearing loss IS preventable.  One of the most effective things you can do is turn down the noise.  Taking care of ear infections promptly is another tip I ran into often.

And I was happy to find that studies have shown that your diet can influence your  hearing.  Omega 3 fats and Vitamin D are two of the hearing helpers.  Studies show that people who eat fish twice a week have a 42% lower chance of developing age-related hearing loss.  The researchers concluded it was the Omega 3 fats that strengthen the blood vessels in the ear’s sensory system that gave the benefit.  Other researchers think that Omega 3s lower vascular risks, like high blood pressure, which can cause damage to the ears.

The trouble with fish is the danger of mercury contamination.  Too much fish can expose you to mercury, which mimics Alzheimer’s disease — and might cause it. (Ask your doctor if that flu shot you are getting contains mercury.  Flu may be a safer bet!)

A good fish oil supplement can help — and I specify GOOD.  Cheap ones have mercury — so you might as well eat the fish. We use a reputable brand which also contains Vitamin D, and I will certainly be more consistent about taking it now!

Eating to live and living for Christ,

Susan Jordan Brown

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