It’s been going around on Facebook — the chart comparing a cartoon and goofy-looking Jesus to the Egyptian God Horus.  They both were supposedly born of a virgin, baptized at 30, had 12 disciples, and rose from the dead.  The Christian culture,  the author says, obviously was built on an older one.

True?  If not, how do you explain the similarities?  No problem.

When light shines into darkness, there is always a shadow.  I’ve been studying about Moses, and seeing the prophecies of the Messiah, Jesus, in the book of Exodus.  The Egyptians had no trouble seeing the true God who, by the plagues, thoroughly showed up their false ones.  They probably never felt much like worshipping their frog goddess, Heqet, after being forced to endure hordes of living frogs and smelling mountains of decaying frogs after the plague ended.  Even their sun god, Re, was shown to be no match for the true God as the plague of thick darkness covered the land. They also couldn’t help but see that the Israelites, in the part of Egypt called Goshen, escaped the plagues.  It took a while for Pharaoh to let them go, but the Egyptian people were ready and willing for them to leave. They saw the power of the Israelite God and willingly gave them their jewelry and supplies for the trip.

No doubt those common Egyptian folks saw the shadow of the true God. Perhaps they even heard a bit of the prophesies of the Messiah.  They didn’t have the light, but had the shadow and incorporated some of the truths into their religion.

True, Egyptologists say that Horus was around before Moses, but a quick Internet study shows that stories about Horus changed and evolved over the years.  Similarities could easily have been worked into the Horus myths later. That is true with most mythologies. They adapt and combine other religions into their own.

We see similar situations around the world.  Many different cultures have elements of the truth which they probably added into their mythology because at some point in the past someone had the light.  Nearly every culture has a story of a great flood.  Many have a story of the virgin birth.  Pieces of glorious truth are mixed in with falseness.  When you consider that for thousands of years there was no written language, but the stories were transmitted orally, you can see how they became warped over the years.

But if there is an Almighty God who is ruling the universe, He can keep His truth for His people with no problem.  We believe we have that truth in the Bible.  Seeing the prophecies throughout the Bible and how they are fulfilled exactly in Jesus leaves no room for doubt — He is the true God!  Believing that they are coincidences would take too much faith for me.

Besides that — who worships Horus today?  Who has said, “I was lost and miserable and wretched, and Horus rescued me and gave me life?”  I haven’t heard anyone say that lately, but any Christian will say it.  I certainly will!

He is not a copy of a dead god, but the true and living God.  And He is not mocked!  The whole chart was arranged to blaspheme God and to cast doubt on Him. The stupid-looking cartoon is clear evidence of that.  Won’t work.  The Christians know Him and see the error of the reasoning.  The atheists who long to make God go away, will find that they have not succeeded in diminishing Him when they meet Him at the judgement seat one day.

What does this have to do with Living Beyond Gorgeous?  Our whole blog is about life — fulfilling, abundant, vibrant life.  We spend a lot of time on the physical side, but without spiritual health, there is no point to life — vibrant or otherwise.

But with Him — there is overflowing life.  And it is just starting.  It will last forever!

Eating to live and living for Christ,

Susan Jordan Brown








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