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Well, my recipe for the day flopped. I made a healthier version of blackberry crumble. I had to rename it blackberry sludge.  I think I know where I went wrong and will try again, but in the meantime, here is […]

Plan to celebrate.  In fact, start celebrating now. One trouble with doing healthy things is that we are used to having the bad stuff as “treats.”  If we don’t get them, we feel we are being punished. So don’t punish yourself.  […]

Plan for failure.  Hey — don’t panic!  I didn’t say “plan to fail.”  You are planning to win.  But along the path to the finish line there will be many stumbles and falls.  You will lose some battles on the […]

We’ve been talking about planning — and how it can be the key to your success in your healthy eating and exercise plan.  Plan your food — don’t try to make decisions when you are tired and starved.  Plan your […]

Even though I had looked every imaginable place for my Fitbit, the snazzy electronic pedometer my daughter gave me for Mother’s Day, it was nowhere to be found.  But I kept looking, even in the same places I had looked […]

Getting tired of plain grilled or baked meat?  Here’s a recipe that adds a different, crunchy twist to chicken. Nut-Crusty Chicken Ingredients 3 medium chicken breasts 2 egg whites 1/2 cup pecans 1/2 cup almonds 1 tsp. sea salt or […]

You know what you will eat and when you will exercise. Is that all they planning you need? No — there are a couple or other things that will help you in your plan to win. Write Out Your Schedule […]

You are going to work today. Really.  You walk over to your treadmill and unload it.  You hang up all the  clothes and move the pile of papers to another place.  By now you have used up most of your […]

Do you ever feel like that your best intentions were ambushed and defeated by life?  You intended to eat right and to exercise.  Monday came, and you were sure that you would do it right this week. And life happened. […]

A prudent man foreseeth the evil and hideth himself, but the simple pass on and are punished. (Proverbs 27:12) Have you had some punishing defeats lately? Sometimes it seems that temptations are around every corner, ready to ambush us.  We […]