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How bad for you is sugar?  Bad enough to rate government intervention? Dr. Robert H. Lustig, a professor of pediatrics, in the division of endocrinology at the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, thinks so.  In a recent article in Nature magazine, […]

I’ve heard it said that when you allow yourself to become bitter against someone, it’s like you are letting them live rent-free in your head.  He may be miles away, but you can still hear his voice, and his actions […]

“Would you like to downsize those fries?”  It’s not too likely that we will be hearing that from fast food places anytime soon. However, a recent study by scientists at Duke University explored what would happen if a smaller portion […]

You are starving. Or are you?  We are so disconnected from the messages our bodies are trying to relay that we misinterpret them — a lot! Often we think we are hungry when we actually are getting the “thirsty — […]

How can hunger help us in our journey to a healthier weight?  It can tell you when you need to eat — and what you need to eat. Well, duh.  You would assume that to be obvious.  But is it? […]

Don’t be afraid of hunger.  It isn’t the enemy. It’s just a tool your body has of letting your “conscious pilot” know it is time to refuel. We talked in earlier posts about the “auto-pilot” in your brain who controls […]

I stopped in front of a storefront at the mall. “Oh, look!” I said. “They’ve put in one of those ice cream places we’ve seen advertised.  Let’s try it.” “I’ll get you something if you want,” my naturally-thin husband, Paul, […]

Can fats help you lose weight?  Yes, they can.  Fats do two important things that aid in your journey to a healthier weight.  The most important thing they do is slow down digestion.  Fats take longer to digest and turn […]

Fats — the good (unsaturated), the bad — (saturated).  Today we are going to look at the ugly.  The type of fat that has no redeeming qualities.  Avoid it!  We’re talking about the Dracula of fats, trans fat. Trans fat […]