The light flashed in my eyes as I glanced into the mirror.  It looked spooky and unnatural, but it was just the way the light reflected off the artificial lenses that give me 20/20 vision.  I thought of how people 100 years ago would have thought I was a witch or maybe demon possessed with that odd glint in my eyes when the light hit them just so.  In fact, I would have been terrified at the sight, myself, forty years or so ago.  I could just imagine doing some time-travel and explaining the phenomenon to my younger self.

“It’s okay,” I would say. “I had  new lens put in to replace the old ones.  They were so misshapen I had trouble seeing, even with contacts, and I was starting to get cataracts, too.  The surgery fixed everything.”

“You let them cut open your eyeballs!” my younger self would no doubt exclaim in horror.

“No, no,” I would say. “It was all done with a laser. Painless and quick.”

“What’s a laser?”

“Well, a stream of light, sort of…”

“How could a stream of light possibly cut an eyeball?”

And so it would go.  I would never be able to explain to this more attractive, but less informed, self the technology that had exploded since my younger days.

Cell phones, home computers, even DVD players, would have been beyond my wildest imagination.

Yet, they now exist.  We take them for granted.

There are many spiritual things I can’t understand — things I haven’t even the background to imagine.  Perhaps one day my older, or perhaps my eternal, self wll say, “You had no way of knowing what it would be like, but it was all in God’s plan, waiting to happen.  There are wonders ahead that can’t even be explained to you.”

I’m looking forward to it. Meanwhile, I’m waiting with faith until everything will be explained. Or at least as much as I can grasp. I still don’t understand exactly about lasers…..

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