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Eating good food that promotes weight loss doesn’t have to break the budget.  You don’t have to have the pricey, pre-packaged “diet food.”  Concentrate instead on buying the highest quality “real” food you can afford.  Here are some tips to […]

Yes, you can afford to eat a healthy diet with quality foods!  One easy way to add more money to your food budget is to push that grocery cart right past the beverage aisle. Don’t stop! Americans spend $66 BILLION […]

Eating to lose weight and to be healthy, doesn’t have to be expensive. We talked about giving the 100 calorie pre-packed snacks a miss.  You can also pass up the fat-free goodies.  They won’t help you, and could hurt your […]

How can you afford to lose the extra weight when everything on the diet food aisle in the grocery store is so pricey?  Easy answer.  Skip the diet food aisle. A trip down that section of most stores will reveal […]

“I’d like to be at a healthier weight,” a friend told me. “But we just don’t have the money to buy expensive diet foods and there isn’t enough in the budget to join a gym.  I’m stuck!” Many folks feel […]

Have you ever wondered why God doesn’t just forgive everyone and let everyone into Heaven? Why do we need to be saved from sin?To help us understand, let’s think of an imaginary situation.  Suppose a man shot his neighbor. Someone called […]

These breakfast cookies are low glycemic and good for you — so you can have them for breakfast or for a snack.  Just be careful not to eat too many!  Ingredients: 1 cup Special K Cereal 1/3 cup uncooked oatmeal […]

Maybe our eyes really ARE bigger than our stomachs.  An old trick we’ve heard of forever is using a smaller plate.  It turns out that some studies show that the size of our serving dish really does affect how much […]

In our last post, we talked about eating with a fork to help you slow down and eat mindfully. Here is a video to help you remember by making you smile.

“They forgot to give me my burger,” I said, peering into the bag from the fast food chain. “You just ate it,” Paul said. “I did?”  Maybe I did.  Here was an empty wrapper and Paul is not one to […]