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Eating is easy.  It seems like a quick fix to make us feel better.  Unfortunately, food doesn’t really solve any of our real problems.  Like drugs and alcohol, it just gives us a temporary boost.  To be free of an […]

Some of you may just enjoy food. That’s fine!  Scripture says God has given us all things to enjoy — and that includes the pleasures of the palate.  But what if food has become too important to you?  If your […]

So you discovered that you don’t just have a sweet tooth — you are seriously addicted to sugar.  It’s your best friend when you are lonely or sad or bored.  You feel you CAN’T give it up.  But you want […]

The towel had frayed edges and a splotch of lasagna on one corner, but it changed my outlook – and my closets — forever. It was my turn that day to deliver donations to Unity House –apartments housing women who […]

Breakfast is an important meal — maybe the most important one you’ll eat all day. But, what can you eat?  You aren’t eating high glycemic bagels anymore, and we aren’t even talking about doughnuts.  Most cereals are on the yellow […]

The numbers on the scale don’t measure the distance between you and God.  They just tell how much gravity is pulling on you.  Don’t lose sight of that! But, it is true that food can become an idol and an […]

I picked up the dog-eared old book from the pile I was sorting.  I hadn’t read it in years, but I remembered it well. It made me feel miserable. It was all about how fat was a spiritual problem and […]

Why did I DO that?  We ask ourselves.  I was doing so well on my eating plan.  Why did I mess up and eat that candy bar? We talked yesterday about one reason our good resolves shatter and fail.  Sugar […]

Are you finding it tough to get off the sugar and the carbs that turn into sugar in your bloodstream?  Maybe you do okay for a while and then find yourself in the middle of a binge. And you ask, […]

Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.   Job 13:15 “This stuff is nasty,” my daughter Becky groaned. “Do I have to take it?” “Trust me and swallow,” I replied as I maneuvered the spoonful of medicine into […]