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Why would the church deacons look under my bed? Why did my dinner guests troop into the bathroom to examine the tub? There was no logical reason,  unless you factor in the dirty spot law. This law is more certain […]

Some folks can turn anything into a party. We’re looking at the four personality types in this series, because WHO you are makes a big difference in HOW you can be successful in losing weight and getting fit.  Today we’re […]

What are you like?  Knowing who you are is a big help in finding a plan to help you succeed in your weight loss/healthy living goals. We are going to look at the four basic personality types. See if you […]

We talked about Blitzers in yesterday’s post — those folks who are happiest when they are doing over-the-top diet and exercise plans.  The rest of you probably think they are nuts.  You are not Blitzers, but  Baby-steppers. Baby-Steppers do not […]

Celebrate the victories! When we look at the long-term goal, we can get discouraged. When the weight loss is slow, or comes to a standstill, we want to give up. But if we celebrate every victory, we are encouraged to […]

For a plan to work, it has to work for YOU.  Your personality plays a big part in whether you stay the course or abandon it.  We’ll take a wide view and then talk about more specific personality types to […]

Why is it so hard for you to stick to a plan when your friends seem to be having all kinds of success without much drama at all?  Chances are it isn’t in your genes, but in your personality. Personality?  […]

For my special Sunday message I’m bringing back another of the articles I wrote several years ago.  I hope it will be a blessing to you! Angels with Crowbars When I stepped into the elevator, everyone smiled. These folks are […]

And the Lord shall help them and deliver them.  Psalm 37:40 I’ve been there, too, folks. I’ve felt like I was in bondage to food and that my body was my ball and chain.  Here it is — the Dieter’s […]

Woo-hoo!  I have a functioning kitchen again. It’s small (we live in a travel trailer) but the refrigerator now works after weeks and weeks of waiting for a replacement part.  We have been able to reconnect the propane so the […]