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It’s amazing what  a little whipped cream can do to make a bland dish into a indulgent-feeling dessert.  Yes, I said whipped cream. Like most dairy products, whipped cream has a zero glycemic number and, a  1/4 cup serving has about 90 calories.

Put a dollop on a baked apple or pear, or make a jello salad with whipped cream instead of non-dairy topping.  You may need to experiment a little to see how the recipe works, but it can be done.

Here’s how to make your own whipped cream.  (By the way, this recipe is much easier than the evaporated milk-whipped cream I posted earlier.  And if you remember to turn off the mixer before lifting it out of the bowl, you don’t get whipped cream all over your kitchen!)

  • !/2 cup whipping or heavy cream, chilled
  • 1 Tbsp. confectioners sugar or  equivalent natural sugar substitute   (There will be less than a teaspoon in your 1/4 cup serving, so it may not matter that much.)
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract (optional)

First put the bowl and mixer beaters in the freezer for about ten minutes.  After they, and the cream, are thoroughly chilled, beat the cream on medium low.  Add the sugar or  substitute  and vanilla a little at a time.  Beat until the cream stands in stiff peaks — but don’t beat too long!  You might end up with butter.  This recipe makes about one cup of whipped cream.


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Susan Jordan Brown


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