If I then, your Lord and Master, have washed your feet, ye also ought to wash one another’s feet.” John 13:14

In Bible times folks didn’t get in their cars and run over to the mall.  If they ran anywhere, they did it on their own two feet.  Those feet would get pretty smelly and dirty walking those dusty roads in sandals. That’s why the first thing the host would do when a visitor came would be to have a servant come and wash the feet of his guest.  I personally wouldn’t want to be the servant with the foot-washing job!

Yet, Jesus, Himself,  washed the feet of the disciples.  He did it for a reason — as an example for us.  He showed us that God honors those who stoop to serve.

Some jobs aren’t so dirty.  Speakers and teachers get honor, and singers get compliments on their specials.  (Well, some do!)  But the Bible isn’t talking about that kind of service, though it is precious to God, too, when done in a right spirit.  This verse is talking about the jobs no one wants.

Have you ever been stuck finishing up the dishwashing after fellowship dinner?  Found yourself in the nursery for the third time this month?  Showed up on work day and discovered that you have the cleaning job to yourself?  It’s tempting to grumble about how inconsiderate folks are and to feel sorry for yourself.  Wrong!  This is your chance to shine for God.  He is happiest when we are cheerfully doing the stuff no one else wants to do.   What an opportunity to please Him!

This also means noticing when someone is sick and/or overwhelmed and being there to lend a hand.  A young mom may need a break — and you can help by offering to babysit.  Providing food for the family when a mom is sick or taking home a few loads of laundry for them can be a wonderful way to wash feet.  There are hundreds of ways to serve.  I think there is a special crown in Heaven in store for the men at church who came and helped every single time we had sewer trouble. (And for some reason, we have been afflicted a lot with that trouble.)  You can’t get much more lowly than the sewer!

When we think of how pleasing our “foot-washing” service is to God, we all ought to be looking for something lowly to do.  We ought to be fighting for that extra spot in the nursery or rushing to be the first to grab the dish towel. Not everyone can sing or teach or write. Every single on of us can please God by washing the feet of the saints.

This week’s challenge:  Look for a job nobody wants and do it — quietly, cheerfully, and to the Lord alone.

Eating to live and living for Christ,
Susan Jordan Brown







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