Ready to walk?  Don’t go alone.  This morning, walk with God.

You knew already that God is there, with you all the time.  But let’s see if we can make that truth more real to you. Today as you start out to exercise, imagine that Jesus is walking with you in His physical body.  Think of Him as being to your right and slightly behind you, just out of your range of vision. What would your walk be like if  you were walking with Jesus?

Think of having a walking buddy who knows you inside-out and understands you like no one else does.  He is interested in everything that concerns you and loves you more than anyone else could even think of loving.  Best of all, your walking partner doesn’t just listen — He is able to do something about those worries and heartaches of yours.

Walking with Jesus would turn that exercise time into the most important, most exciting part of your day!

Our blogs this week will be about your exercise walk, but even more about turning that time into a relationship-deepening time with God.

Have a good walk, you two!

Eating to live and living for Christ,
Susan Jordan Brown



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