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“Eating Your Way to Happiness” author Elizabeth Somer gives us some tips for healthy eating during the holidays!

If I counted up all the minutes I’ve spent staring into a flame, I wonder how many years of my life that would be. Certainly more than the hours I’ve spent brushing my teeth or combing my hair. It would …Read More

You all may be braver than I. I do not step foot into the mall from Halloween to New Years. If I do, I usually end up locking myself in a Starbucks bathroom to finish a meltdown. So I thought …Read More

I work at being grateful. Because it doesn’t come naturally.

It’s possible to leave Thanksgiving dinner with a tiny piece of room in your stomach. Here’s how.

I’m always looking for stories that will console me about my lack of cooking aptitude and talent. So this Associated Press story was clipper! “See, Eric, you don’t want me to cook, really you don’t.” To read the full AP …Read More

Here’s an intriguing interview with Professor Robert Emmons, who is well known within the Positive Psychology field as “Father Gratitude” because he has been researching gratitude for 10 years, and has conducted all sorts of studies to try and help …Read More

Being as I’m not great at gratitude (or I’m not like the guy in the Optimism Club that reader Peg talks about on the message board of my “Optimism Versus Hope” post), I appreciated these four simple gratitude tips by …Read More

I’m a pilgrimage kind of gal. Throughout my life, I’ve flocked to places marked with divine fingerprints: Lourdes, France, where the muddy hole Bernadette Soubirous dug 150 years ago became a river of healing waters; Mexico City, home to the …Read More

The following interview with Dr. Cynthia Last and her husband, authors of  “When Someone You Love Is Bipolar,” is reprinted with permission of Guilford Press.   1. Dr. Last, in your book you candidly admit that although you were originally …Read More