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Holly Lebowitz Rossi, blogger of Fresh Living, compiled a cool quiz about celebrity depression. For example: 1.What U.S. president, known to suffer from bouts of depression, wrote this in a letter to a friend: “A tendency to melancholy… is a …Read More

Here is the irony in writing a piece about distraction. I told myself not to check my email until the column was done, but I did peak at my Facebook because I was awaiting a response. I saw that I …Read More

When I was in the eye of depression’s storm, I couldn’t pray. I would go into my bedroom closet, shut the door, and light a candle in the dark. I stared into its flame, wanting so badly to feel at …Read More

Do you have three things that you can place throughout your house to inspire you?

The energy of hope breaks, perforates the hard walls of the tomb in which distraction, intemperance, and worries enclose us.

The following is a guest post by John Grohol of Click here to get to his original article. Yes, I know. There are dozens of books written about how to increase your happiness, probably hundreds of different blogs all …Read More

Gretchen Rubin writes a fascinating piece about how being more affectionate–touching and hugging and kissing more–can actually make us happier.

In her newest book, “Jesus, Career Counselor: How to Find (and Keep) Your Perfect Work,” bestselling author Laurie Beth Jones cites a surprising statistic: According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average 38-year-old will have held between ten to …Read More

You may have had to memorize the mission statement of your corporation or school. But have you ever wondered what your own personal mission statement would say? After tutoring several midshipmen at the Naval Academy on this assignment, I decided …Read More

“Sometimes a fine line separates psychosis and off-center belief”