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Group Beyond Blue member Blondie started an interesting thread on Group Beyond Blue at Beliefnet Community called “Letting go of someone you thought loved you.” She writes:

Unfortunately, 4 years ago I fell in love with my boss. It has affected my depression and moods so much and now I have to let go of a dream that I had. Unfortunately he is married. Anyone have any suggestions? Why did I get involved in the first place? This is not something that is healthy and I realize that it is a sin to love someone that is not yours. I do have to say that I believed 4 years ago when he said he was leaving his wife but not because of me he was already taking those steps so …. I let myself get involved. 

Now, I have to work for him and with him and shove away all the emotions and feelings. Hard to deal with because there is a part of me that is so angry with myself and him.

My doctor just switched me to Pristiq so I am hoping that this might help deal better when I am at the office. Effexor was just not working. Making me very aggressive and more angry.

Other than finding another job how do I get back to just being an employee and friend?

Just need to know if I am alone in this?

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