Beyond Blue

1. Light a match when you’re in the can, Dan
2. Eat low-cal, Al
3. Communication is key, Lee
4. Be nice to her mom, Tom
5. Throw out your plan, Stan
6. Treat her like a lady, Brady
7. Stay away from the word “bitch,” Rich
8. Follow through on your promise, Thomas
9. Talk to her face, Chase
10. Take your meds, Ed

11. Save your story, Cory
12. Cook her some steaks on the grill, Bill
13. Just bear it, Derek
14. Try not to get sick, Nick
15. Just hang on, Don
16. It’s okay to wear gel, Mel
17. Try not to fart, Bart
18. Brush your teeth, Keith
19. Make your own bed, Ted
20. Be a loving dad, Thad
21. Don’t let your vows get dusty, Rusty
22. Let her sob, Bob
23. Everything doesn’t always have to be even, Steven
24. Try not to scream, Liam
25. Change “me” to “us,” Gus
26. Be careful of your smirk, Dirk
27. Make her smile, Kyle
28. Clean up your mess, Les
29. Don’t be a stinker, Brinker
30. You’re not her boss, Ross
31. Rub her back, Zack
32. Don’t get too hairy, Jerry
33. Learn how to dance, Lance
34. Imagine how she might feel, Neil
35. Head to the gym, Tim
36. There’s alot to a caress, Wes
37. Buy her long-stem roses, Moses
38. Wear a nice tie, Guy
39. Stay away from the bar, Carl
40. Ask her to marry you again, Ben
41. Put down the toilet seat, Pete
42. Her family’s not the mob, Rob
43. Pick up the bill, Phil
44. Try a thank you, Hugh
45. Notice when she’s sad, Brad
46. Buy jeans that will cover your crack, Jack
47. Don’t be a pervert, Herbert
48. Shower daily, Haley
49. Find an activity you both enjoy, Roy
50. Reward her for having your kid, Sid

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