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Last week I was interviewed as part of a “BlogTalkRadio” segment hosted by Hachette Book Group, my publisher. It’s basically a radio show that you can produce and broadcast yourself. To listen to it, you can visit this link. I have written …Read More

A week or so ago, Elisha Goldstein interviewed me on his insightful blog, “Mindfulness and Psychotherapy.” Click here to get to it. I have excerpted below his question regarding stigma. Elisha: There’s a lot of stigma around mental illness and …Read More

Sometimes God hits you between the eyes with something you need to read. That would be this piece, one of the beautiful contributions to Elisha Goldstein’s new EBook, “A Mindful Dialogue: A Path to Working with Stress, Pain and Difficult …Read More

On January 12, 2010 a 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti and over 110,000 people have died and many more needing food, water, resources and medical and psychological attention. A Mindful Dialogue: A Path Toward Working with Stress, Pain, and Difficult Emotions was …Read More

This month Guideposts magazine published my story about the morning I met Dr. Smith at the Johns Hopkins Mood Disorders Center. It read a little bit like a fairy tale … as soon as I met the right psychiatrist, I …Read More

My “12 Depression Busters” post inspired one Beyond Blue reader to come up with her own. Here they are. I don’t think I’ve really gotten to the point where I should give others advice on how to “bust depression” since …Read More

A Beyond Blue reader who is also a cancer survivor has a wonderful blog called, “Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer.” I was inspired by her writing, even though I’ve never had to endure chemotherapy. This woman is one of the most …Read More

Gender expert Susan Shapiro Barash on her new book, “Toxic Friends.”

Why Haiti? Why suffering? We’ve gone here many times on Beyond Blue. But whenever a friend asks me, “How can you believe in a good God when horrendous tragedies like Haiti happen all the time?” I open my mouth, but …Read More

On Saturday, my son received his First Reconciliation. I was one of the readers, and I found the passage that I read for the program so beautiful and comforting. It is Psalm 139:   (This is the children’s edition … …Read More