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I have admitted this before: I’m a meditation moron. I swear I try. Thought, don’t land. Thought, don’t land. Keep on flying, thought. Keep on flying. I’m trying to meditate. This goes on usually for the entire 15 minutes I …Read More

It’s rare that I find my inspiration in a Hannah Montana song, but I have to say that this little rock star nailed the experience of living with chronic illness in her refrain to the song, “The Climb”:   There’s …Read More

I actually taped this video awhile back. Some of you may have already seen it. Even though it’s not a great shot of me, the video’s message, on perseverance, is important, I think. And that’s the theme today. So I …Read More

Why does God allow pain? Why is there suffering?

strengths and weaknesses

The following tips are from Jenna Forrest, an empowerment coach in Durham, North Carolina who helps her highly sensitive clients to understand, refine, and embrace their sensory abilities. 1. Understand their Trait: The sensitive must first get to know him/herself …Read More

In her national bestseller “The Highly Sensitive Person,” Elaine Aron describes four kinds of rest that are essential for highly-sensitive (and I’d add depressed) persons: Sleep If you have trouble sleeping, make this your first priority. Research on chronic sleep …Read More

I’m always telling David and Katherine to use their words (instead of whining and screaming), but I’m often afraid to use them myself. Unlike Eric, who vocalizes a resentment before it’s had time to fester and start a family, I …Read More