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In “7 Nights to Sexual Intimacy,” Rabbi Shmuley Boteach offers couples a weeklong program to “watch the slow burn of passion become a fireworks display.” To get to his gallery, click here. It begins …

For many years, I have sought to draw attention, as a marriage counselor and author, to the diminishing sex life of the American couple. CNN recently reported that 4o million Americans live in marriages that are utterly platonic. Sexual reconnection for married couples is not a luxury but a necessity, and a marriage devoid of lovemaking is akin to a body devoid of life. So I “modestly” propose a week of sex, especially for those couples who have a moribund sex life. What you’ll be practicing is the journey of sexual intimacy, rather than a goal-oriented sprint toward climax. Try this 7-day program of passion, and see if you can reignite the sexual soul of your marriage.

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