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One of the myths surrounding mental illness is that it escapes successful people … that the poor, weak, and ambition-free folks are the ones waiting for their prescriptions at Rite-Aid. I know better. Because I’ve seen so many of my …Read More

Rhonda Rowland’s father, Gary, discusses his depression in a piece that I know will inspire many of my male readers. You can get to it by clicking here. I have excerpted a few paragraphs below.   It’s been 7 years …Read More

Just as I read Rhonda Rowland’s blog post about her father seeking help for depression, I received an e-mail from Molly McVoy, M.D. who works with the American Psychiatric Association about a Father’s Day survey on depression. According to the …Read More

On Mindful Monday, my readers and I practice the art of pausing, TRYING to be still, or considering, ever so briefly, the big picture. We’re hoping this soul time will provide enough peace of mind to get us through the …Read More

I enjoyed the Beliefnet gallery written by Darren Littlejohn, a recovering addict and author of “The 12 Step Buddhist: Enhance Recovery from Any Addiction.” I’ll excerpt the first few steps, and then you can find the rest by clicking here.  …Read More

Today’s interview is somewhat untraditional, but I think you’ll enjoy it. After I read the hilarious anecdotes in Nancy Bachrach’s newly released memoir, “The Center of the Universe,” I knew I had to dig a little more on how, exactly, …Read More

The following is an excerpt from “The Center of the Universe: A Memoir” by Nancy Bachrach. Used with permission of Random House.  In the ancient forest on the Right Bank of Paris lies a jewel-like island where Napoleon, just back …Read More

Optimism Software is broken into several sections, which help you to track various aspects of your recovery. For example, in the “Stay Well Strategies” section, you can list the things that you know, or suspect, are beneficial to your health. …Read More

After trying out James Bishop’s Optimism Software, I became intrigued by this new wave of technology tools to help us with sanity. So it was with great interest that I looked at the new Live Happy iPhone application based on …Read More

I was touched by this comment on the combox of my post “5 Ways Churches Can Minister to Those with Mental Illness” by Beyond Blue reader Vincent Zimmerman: Therese, I sometimes think I must be the only person diagnosed with …Read More