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This video was taped the afternoon of Johns Hopkins’s Mood Disorders Symposium, right after I heard Kay Redfield Jamison speak on the topic of creativity and mood disorders. Given my tumultuous week at that time, I literally wept at parts …Read More

Sorry. I’m getting a little anxious for the bell to ring. It’s next weekend, March 8, that Daylight Savings starts.

Some of you may remember when Dr. Val Jones of Revolution Health interviewed me for their site. Now I have the opportunity to return the favor as Dr. Val has just launched her own company, Better Health, a multimedia enterprise …Read More

To learn more about Dr. Val and Better Health, tune into a podcast interview by The Entrepreneurial MD by clicking here. Or click here for a summarized interview. Dr. Philippa Kennealy writes: Val Jones MD is one smart, energetic and …Read More

This Onion video is the best laugh I’ve had all day. Courtesy of John McManamy. Thanks, John, for the laugh. As always.FDA Approves Depressant Drug For The Annoyingly Cheerful

I loved John McManamy’s post today on the antipsychiatry folks. Because he addresses an issue I used to struggle with a lot … if my meds would kill my creativity. Now I know better … having read the wisdom of …Read More

A perfect piece to read on my 38th birthday: research explaining why I act the way I do! Who could ever ask for a better present than that? And not just any research. Studies from HARVARD, the smart place where …Read More

Check out my post “9 Ways That Humor Heals” on this cool site called They have everything over there. In case you forgot, here’s the first part. And you can go over there, if you want to read more. …Read More

Word from the community queen, Rebecca Phillips, that tomorrow is the day Bnet is launching the new community platform, which will be very cool and much more user friendly, triggering much fewer cuss words, etc. But as with all change, …Read More

How many times have I said that I’m going to simplify my life? Never mind, don’t answer that question. It is true that I have attempted this over and over again. Sometimes I’ve been successful, but then just like a …Read More