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My buddy John Grohol over at published my 5 tips to make your resolutions stick. You can visit them there, or review them here. I know what you’re thinking: another cheesy, goody-two-shoes article on how I can keep all …Read More

I have been sort of dreading this day … when Beyond Blue reader Doxieman got a life and wouldn’t need Beyond Blue or Group Beyond Blue so much. Darn it. This means my page views will surely be down in …Read More

1. The look on David’s face when he realized he had swallowed his first tooth. (We were eating corn on the cob.) 2. Katherine’s expression as we watched “The Little Mermaid” on Broadway in NYC, and listening to her tell …Read More

John’s 8 tips are good and practical, and might help you make it until, say, the first of February, at least! Good luck. Here are the first four, and then you can go over to his site to read the …Read More

Thanks to Beyond Blue reader Nancy for this one!

New Year’s resolutions are made by type-A, overachieving, perfectionistic hypocrites. You don’t want to join their circles, do you?

My fellow Beliefnet blogger David Gibson has written an interesting post on the “myth” of holiday suicide rates based on a story by Jim Nichols of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer: Researchers have consistently debunked the old saw for at least 20 …Read More

Ah yes, that time of year again when we promise ourselves all kinds of things. I’m not going to fall into the same trap I did last year, of making three very detailed resolutions. Instead, I’m going to aspire to …Read More

Here is the text by Thomas Merton that I am going to read every morning to remind myself to get out of the way: All the good that you will do will come not from you but from the fact …Read More

From the editors of Beliefnet … The 2008 Most Inspiring Person of the Year is Randy Pausch, the professor who, facing imminent death from pancreatic cancer, delivered a “last lecture” that inspired people to live every day to the fullest …Read More