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Thanks also to Group Beyond Blue member Sissy Jo for this beautiful reflection. (You can find still others if you read the “This I Believe” thread at Group Beyond Blue at Beliefnet’s Community.)

I believe that life shows its complexity and you begin to grasp way more after age 35 than you think you know when you are 17. In fact you don’t even know what life is or what it means at that point and it seems like an eternity, a never-ending existence on this earth.

We are all part of the human race, all looking at life from our personal perspective; however, we are all connected. We all cry, laugh, get hungry, get sad, and want to be wanted and loved. I believe that some of us forget that connection.

I believe that there are not black and white answers to all things. I used to think that was true. Right and wrong do exist, however.

I believe that forgiveness is one of the greatest and most difficult things we can do, but it frees the soul indescribably.

I believe that nature has the ability to calm us and reach our inner spirit.

I believe that life is a journey and it’s too bad we don’t realize it until half of it is gone, that life is meant to be enjoyed. Learning life’s lessons takes time too and you do gain wisdom as you get older.

I believe that older people are worth listening to, because we will all be in their shoes before we know it.

Mostly I believe that when people talk to each other, we find out we are all basically alike and there shouldn’t be so many barriers between all the peoples of the world.

Life is a gift. Count your blessings and smile, unless you want to cry and that’s ok too.
I believe the emotions are given to us to help us deal with life’s issues.

Mostly I believe in the innate kindness and goodwill in most people and in the love of God, who strengthens and promises us help and ever-present guidance.

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