Beyond Blue

The following is a beautiful prayer I found by Brother Roger, who founded the Taize Community as an attempt to open ways of healing the divisions between Christians. The prayer is from the book “Seeking the Heart of God: Reflections on Prayer” by Mother Teresa and Brother Roger:

Don’t worry if you know so little about praying. Foundering worry has never been a Gospel path. “No one can add a single day to their life by worrying about it … I give you my peace … do not let your heart be troubled and afraid.” 

Fears and anxieties are part of our human condition, immersed as we are in societies that are wounded and shaken. Every human being, every believer, journeys, creates and suffers in these societies, and can experience inner impulses of revolt, sometimes of hatred and of domination.

By His Holy Spirit, the Risen Christ transfigures all that is most disconcerting in you. He reaches what was out of reach. All forms of pessimism that you harbor about yourself melt away; you can do away with subjective impressions.

An imperceptible inner transformation, the transfiguration of your being, continues your whole life long. It makes each day God’s own today. It is, already on this earth, the beginning the resurrection, the dawning of a life that has no end.

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