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Click here for an interview on WYPR Maryland Morning of Dr. J. Raymond DePaulo, Jr., Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Johns Hopkins Medicine on the topic of “Prozac and Placebo” by radio host Sheilah Kast. …Read More

Thanks to my friend David Gibson, now I can’t blame Catholicism for my guilt complex. To read his post on a recent study showing that Catholics (as well as other Christians) are actually no more guilt-ridden than anyone else, click …Read More

A very helpful discussion thread was started at Group Beyond Blue at Beliefnet Community by Group Beyond Blue member Desertsutra called “Anti-Depression Measures,” where people have listed what helps them keep going. Desertsutra begins: I know there are lots of …Read More

Dear God, In today’s reading (Matthew 13:44-46), Jesus says to his disciples: The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure buried in a field, which a person finds and hides again, and out of joy goes and sells all that …Read More

Alas, for some comic relief … Do you all remember this? To view the YouTube video click here. To read more Beyond Blue, go to, and to get to Group Beyond Blue, a support group at Beliefnet Community, click …Read More

The following is a beautiful prayer I found by Brother Roger, who founded the Taize Community as an attempt to open ways of healing the divisions between Christians. The prayer is from the book “Seeking the Heart of God: Reflections …Read More

The other day I invited you to write your own “This I Believe” essay like the ones read over NPR. Beyond Blue reader Larry Parker/Doxieman122 (who is a candidate for the Member of the Month) blew me away with his. I …Read More

Thanks also to Group Beyond Blue member Sissy Jo for this beautiful reflection. (You can find still others if you read the “This I Believe” thread at Group Beyond Blue at Beliefnet’s Community.) I believe that life shows its complexity …Read More

And thanks also to Group Beyond Blue member Plaidypus for this charming entry, which can be found on the “This I Believe” thread at Group Beyond Blue at Beliefnet Community. I believe that I am a person of worth.. created …Read More

I admit upfront that I was a little jealous of Janice when she started her “Our Lady of Weight Loss” blog because I had to share my editor, Holly, with her … and, well, I felt like the older sister …Read More