A few weeks ago, Group Beyond Blue on Beliefnet’s Community held a “Self-Esteem Forum,” which means this: At 7 p.m. on Wednesday, January 2, we all logged on to the discussion thread called “Self-Esteem Forum.” There, we were assigned one person for whom to write an affirmation letter. We had 21 people involved. So, ideally, 21 people got affirmation letters to start their self-esteem files.

Apologies to those persons who didn’t get a letter (Larry and I are working on a policy that will insurance that everyone gets letters).
So I’d like to try it again in February, and maybe if it’s as successful as January’s, to hold one every month–the first Saturday of the month.
I asked Beyond Blue reader Larry Parker if he might want to act as the Self-Esteem Forum’s moderator because I’m a tad overwhelmed with stuff as of late, and (THIS IS PROGRESS!!!!) I know that I need to start delegating some of my responsibilities. Plus, I know that Larry did such a great job with the Bipolar Support group that he was monitoring before his move, and I thought maybe this role might fill that void.
I WILL STILL BE A PART OF THIS. I just needed some help with all of the coordinating of letters and following up, which Larry is good at!
So …. let me hear from you.
You want to try it again? The first Saturday of February is February 2nd, three days away. It would be at 10 a.m, EST. And for those of you who can’t make it at that time, simply leave a message with Larry on his homepage (click here), or leave a message in the combox of this post, saying that you can’t make it, but would like to be included in the chain of letters.
Larry is going to make an announcement in the community, and set up another thread of discussion named “Self-Esteem Forum 2.”
He has generously agreed to answer any questions regarding the process. You can e-mail him by visiting his Beliefnet Community page profile at Doxieman122.
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