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If you’ve been reading Beyond Blue with any regularity, you know Larry Parker, because Larry is my most, um, vocal and frequent, commenter. He is extremely intelligent. Philosophical and sophisticated brains like his are the reason I kept my mouth …Read More

This journal entry (blog post) of Larry’s can be found at (with thanks to David Kuo of Bnet’s “J-Walking” blog for the inspiration … and apologies in advance to my non-Catholic/Christian friends online and off …) David Kuo, the …Read More

And this blog post/journal entry of Larry’s can be found at Since I wrote a valedictory to the city of New Brunswick in one of my last posts, I thought I would share another valedictory — the thank you …Read More

Patton Dodd, Beliefnet’s Christianity Editor, is compiling best and worst Christmas stories on a Beliefnet Community page (click here). It got me thinking about mine … My best Christmas was the first year that my dad and mom were separated–I …Read More

WARNING: I do not look like my chipper (manic) self in this video. And I wasn’t going to let you see me looking this way, but then I got an e-mail from Beyond Blue reader Nancy, and she was really …Read More

Thanks to Beyond Blue reader Becky P. who explained the difference between perseverance and steadfastness on the comment board of “Dear God: On Perseverance“: I had a really hard weekend and I’ve noticed those too well known symptoms of my …Read More

Two other comments got me thinking about how perseverance is really an antidote to the curse of perfectionism that poisons so many of us with creatively-formed brains (isn’t that a nice way of saying it?). On the comment board of …Read More

I mentioned last week that I will be blogging about episodes of “Saving Grace.” I have two additional holiday features. For each day in December, I’ll provide a “Holiday Survival Thought,” just a fun way of reminding everyone (myself included) …Read More

Yesterday on the way to David’s kindergarten: “Mommy, why are we walking to school today?” “There are going to be a lot of cars downtown because the leaders of 40 different countries are going to meet at the Naval Academy. …Read More

Over the weekend, I was reading Beyond Blue reader Cathy’s interesting blog, “Growing Curious.” She described her not-so-great Thanksgiving in a wonderful post called “This Is Your Brain on PTSD“: I know I can be dramatic and all, but Thanksgiving …Read More