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I have always loved the verses of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, and throughout October and November I say them daily. The beautiful words are attributed to Solomon, which isn’t surprising since, according to the Bible, God granted him abundant wisdom. Not Wisdum. …Read More

Halloween is actually a religious holiday—it’s the Eve of All Saints Day (All Hallows Eve). But the only person dressing up as Mother Teresa was the most precious little girl I saw last year at a Barnes and Noble’s costume …Read More

So often in life the grass seems greener on the other side of the septic tank (that was Erma Bombeck’s line, not mine). I’m sitting here right now totally envious of my single girlfriend who just jetted off to the …Read More

Since I can’t totally empathize with Suzanne—having two little blessings in my life that I scream at too often—I sent her comment to my guardian angel, Ann, because I know that not being able to conceive and bear children of …Read More

Even women who have conceived, bore, and raised kids of their own experience depression when they are no longer in an active mothering role. I have to be honest, I can’t really relate to that right now from where I’m …Read More

Dear God, In Luke 19:10-14, Jesus told this parable of the healthcare insurance representative, I mean tax collector and the Pharisee, who we already know is going to be the bad guy based on all of Jesus’ other stories: Two …Read More

In keeping with the theme of being a tad messed up, but using the mess toward some holy end, here’s a lovely Buddhist story about the purpose of a cracked pot that reader Lisa shared on the message board of …Read More

I also loved this comment from reader Lynn on the message board of my “You Are Not Your Disease: You Are Not Your Pot” post. My schizophrenic partner for many years has lived in his pot, or I should say …Read More

I often focus on women’s issues with regard to depression–hormonal triggers, people-pleasing, guilt, motherhood, and so forth—because, statistically speaking, more women than men suffer from depression. But, as you can read from the message boards, Beyond Blue has many male …Read More

Also in the Fall 2007 issue of the “Johns Hopkins Depression and Anxiety Bulletin,” a closer look at the symptoms of depression in men, and how they differ to classical symptoms most often found in women: It is difficult to …Read More